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*** Never forget which items you have borrowed or lent again! ***

*** The perfect schedule to get your property back ***

*** Always keep the overview on who the owner of an item is ***

Are you familiar with the problem that you lent something to someone and are unable to remember who you lent it to after some weeks? Have you ever been frustrated about how many items you have lost, just because you forgot who you gave them to and never got them back? Well then we might just have the right app for you? If so, we have got just the right app for you!

The “Lend it all!” app will provide you a straight overview of all your lent and borrowed items.

Enter precisely which kind of item you are dealing with. Take a picture of the item in an uncomplicated way, and enter which person borrowed something from you (The contacts are solely read for the completion of details, so they can be associated with the borrowed or lent items). Subsequently define the date of return to keep an automatic overview on all your deadlines. Are items already overdue and you still have not got your property back? Send a reminder via E-Mail or SMS to the person or simply press the call button right away.

But wait, there is more! Why don’t you enlist your borrowed items into the “Lend it all!” app to never miss a deadline again. Take down a short note for instance who the owner of your borrowed DVD is and define inter alia when it hast to be returned. From now on you won’t have to worry about it anymore. The app’s reminder function will keep you up to date and point out when the DVD has be returned to his owner.

*** Organize your day and never forget about any borrowed and lent goods again ***

*** Have fun with your “Lend it all!” app ***

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