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This app is developed by SAKA Engineering Systems and Pvt. Ltd. Pune,
This App is useful to estimate the Product Rate, Feed Rate, and Fuel Consumption of Spray Dryer, Rotary Dryer (convective), Fluid Bed Dyer, Flash Dryer Systems.
It should not be used for Conduction Dryer and in system where steam is used.
For systems using hot oil for heating, put 1 in calorific value line to get total kcal requirement for hot oil input.

Important note:-

1) Calorific Value of some fuels:- CNG- 8600, LDO-10000, HSD-10500, FO/HEAVY OIL -9400, COAL -4500

2) Efficiency value :- 85% for indirect oil fired or gas fired air heater, 95% for direct oil fired or gas fired air heater, 90% for direct coal fired air heater, 77% for indirect coal fired heater.

We are recently working CFD analysis of major process equipment like, Spray Dryer, Heat Exchanger, Cyclone, Fluidised Bed Dryer. We have successfully completed CFD analysis of Spray Dryer.

Disclaimer:- Please use this app on your own risk as program contains some assumptions so as to arrive at reasonably close results and this is test launch. For precise information, you are free to request at sales@sakaindia.com and we can help calculating and giving feedback on particular application.
This app will expired after three months you need to download it again from play store.

Please give us feed back if you like.