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Pocong Kelaparan is an adventure game pocong very stressful. Pocong starving want to get food. Pocong food is rice wrapped bananas.

But there are many obstacles in order to pocong can get food, some of these obstacles are: rocks, trees, needles on the street etc.

How to play: Touch the screen to jump and avoid obstacles.
There are many levels that you have to finish the level. Free Download!

Wiki: Pocong is a ghost Indonesia / Malaysia are said to be the soul of the dead trapped in a shroud. Corpses covered with white cloth tied over the head, down the legs, and neck. According to traditional beliefs, the soul of the dead will live on the earth for 40 days after death. When the relationship is not released after 40 days, the body is said to be jumping out of the grave to warn people who need mental bond to be released. Once the bond is released, the soul will leave the earth and never appeared again. Due to the tie underfoot, ghosts can not walk. This causes pocong to jump.

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