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This is your prior map adventure device. Surf the world in your bed and find interesting places. Sit back and relax....
Int this tool there are some unique features, and usage may improve by the time..
In here there are some usage tips:
*** +/- buttons is for changing real map zoom of providers. These loads images for related zoom level if available.
*** Small Joystick is for extra zoom, some maps have high resolution but many of map tools not show for more zoom and you need this joystick.
*** Stabilize Button: Is Important when you are in case of any below
-When you are using this tool you may lost between zoom levels
-You may out of map
-Provider does not support current zoom level
-Your Screen is blank

This tool needs internet connection.
Reload Button is for start the tool again, It loads your last screen also.
Lock /Unlock buttons is for showing your current location and locks it when GPS is open. (But this tool is not for this, if you need this try Mekanik.NET ‘s “Military Compass Pro”).
This not direct navigation tool, if you need use “Military Compass Pro”.

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