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Find My Phone is an Android Application from Aabasoft that let's you find your Android phone if found STOLEN.

Find My Phone is coded in such a way that if your phone is stolen and when the thief changes the SIM card and inserts a new one the app will automatically send a preloaded message from the NEW SIM card to the Rescue number added by the user so that we can track the device easily.

Key Features
After creating your account login to the application and you will be asked to enter the RESCUE MOBILE NUMBER to where you need the alert SMS to reach and the NAME that should appear along with that.
Tap the save button and you are done.

From then onwards whenever a new SIM card is inserted to your phone an SMS will reach the RESCUE MOBILE NUMBER.
If you need to change SIM card with your will an option is provided in the MENU (Top Right) for Deactivating and Activating the Service.

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