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FREE to DEMO (To access main menu hold down Broadnet logo or press #)

BroadNet PTT is optmised to run on BroadNet Devices, although it will work with any Android device

Download the app and sign up to get your own unique NetworkIDs

*ULTRA FAST UK servers hosted at Telehouse in London
*Extremely fast PTT connections comparable to Tetra-Airwave
*Manage your own account from your own portal
*Add users / Delete users
*Add channels
*Assign users to channels
*P2P person to person
*Location tracking
*SOS Alert (BroadNet Handset only)

This is what sets us apart from the rest, Many claim to have a dispatch system which really turns out to be just a map and list of users.

BroadNet Dispatch Lets you grade your calls, send and assign a call or job to individual users, make group calls, make P2P calls, send texts, send locations to users, track users on a live map, incoming SOS feature,Lone worker feature.

Keep track of your calls or jobs and let users update the system from their handsets, A very similar system to the Police dispatch system, perfect for Security, Ambulance, Logistics & Delivery companies, Taxi firms, in fact perfect for any organisation where you need to keep track of your users and assign them jobs.
Dispatch will store all your infomation so you can log in to it from any device at any location, you can also create a number of Dispatch users who even at diffrent locations will receive the same information as they update it, perfect for controllers at diffrent locations.

For more details about BroadNet Dispatch email

About BroadNet PTT
Built for users by users we have tried to address all the shortcomings that we have found in other software. Offering private channels, text messaging and many other features, BroadNet PTT is just like having a real radio in your pocket with none of the bulk!

Paired with our own BN-01 Handsets which you can purchase at ( we believe that we have the perfect solution for long distance communications. Unlike traditional two way radios, BroadNet PTT works over the existing data network, enabling communication around the world!!

At BroadNet, we do not just offer an app, but a complete managed communications system. Offering simplicity and dependability.

** Please note if you are looking for a general purpose ptt app for general chatter, this is NOT for you.. Please search for a more suitable app **

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