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Khawab nama aur khawab ki sachi tabeer is an Islamic app based on an Islamic Book "Khawab Aur Tabeer". This book is written in Urdu language and the name of the writer of this book is Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Saddique. In this book Mufti sahb has explained briefly about dreams.
This book is a complete collection of thousands of dreams. Meanings of dreams and much more about dreams / khawab. Background of Khawab/ Dreams, Falnama and Qayafa e Taqdeer is also added in this khawab nama app which is vey unique feature.

Khwab Ki Haqeeqat
Khawabon Ki Taabeer (Meaning of Dreams)
Qurani Surtain Aur Khawab
Peghambaron Ki Zayart
Sahaba-e-Karam Ki Zayart
Farishton Ki Zayart
Tabeer Haroof-e-Tahji Ky Lehaz Sy (Dream Meanings Alphabetically)
Faal-Nama (Future Outlook based on Islamic ways)
Falnama Hazrat Imam Jaafer
Falnama Baraye Aulaad (For Children)
Falnama Quran Majeed (The Holy Quran)
Falnama Hafiz Sheraz
Ayena-e-Taqdeer (Future Outlook)
Insani Jism Se Qayafa-e-Taqdeer (Future Outlook Based On Human Body)
Aa'za Ky Pharabny Sy Qayafa (Body Parts Twitching and their meanings)
Til Ka Qayafa Mard (Meaning Of Moles On The Body Of Males)
Til Ka Qayafa Aurat (Meaning Of Moles On The Body Of Females)
Aa'za Sy Qayafa Mard (Meaning Of Body Part Movement/Twitching For Males)
Aa'za Sy Qayafa Aurat (Meaning Of Body Part Movement/Twitching For Males)
Khawab Ka Pas-e-Manzar (Background and History of Islamic Dream Interpretations)
Mafhoom-e-Khawab (Meaning)
Khawab Aur Tareekh (History Of Dreams)
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Buzurgan-e-Din Ky Khawab (Dreams of Prophets and Friends of Allah)
Mahireen-e-Tib Ki Nazar Main (Medical Point Of View of Dreams)
Mahireen-e-Nafsiyat Ki Nazar Main (Psychological Point Of View Of Dreams)
Hidayat (Advice Regarding Dreams)
Khawab Ki Iqsam (Types of Dreams: Islamically)
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