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AgePlus is an Aadhaar based "Age Verification" service that answers only one question -> "Is your age what you really claim it to be ?". A high assurance answer to this question promotes compliance, peace of mind, legality and entitlement that comes with legal age.

AgePlus protects privacy of the Aadhaar number holder by preventing the date of birth, address and other personally identifiable information (PII) being shared with others during the age verification process.

Come, promote age verification compliance and protect the society !!

For more details regarding 18plus service, visit our webiste -

PS: For fingerprint scanning, a biometric scanner by Morpho is required. (

For more info on Aadhaar -

The app was built as a part of Aadhaar hackathon and these were the team members

1. Thiyagarajan
2. Rajeef
3. Priyanka
4. Manoj
5. Ravi
6. Shashank
7. Hashir
8. Deekshith