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Share anything with or without Wifi.

Are you a Game Of Thrones fan? Do you get disturbed when many people come to get the same episode of Game Of Thrones from you again and again? Want to get the latest Game Of Thrones episode but don't know who has it? Want to quickly share files or folders at a very high speed?

Welcome to ShareOnWifi! a peer-to-peer file sharing app
No USB, No Bluetooth, No NFC, No Internet needed to share or transfer music, videos, photos, documents, etc.
You decide what you want to share with others and people can get it from you without bothering you.
Transfer big files at a very high speed which can go up to 20Mb/s.

Share all kinds of files whenever and wherever.
Transfer photos, videos, music, and any other files. You can even share apps.

Share between laptops or mobiles or laptop and mobile using clients for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Add photos, videos, music, and any other files which you want to share with others. You can even share apps. Do it only once and whenever you want to update it.

Search for users with or without using Wifi. The other users should also have this application to enable peer-to-peer file sharing.

Browse through a user's share list or Search for any photo, video, music, app or any other file across all users.

Hit download and enjoy rapid speed.

☆ Cross-platform sharing
☆ No Internet or data usage for sharing files or folders.
☆ No USB, No Bluetooth, No NFC required.
☆ Share and prevent people from bothering you.
☆ Search for a file or folder from all connected users.
☆ Download big files at a high speed up to 20Mb/s.
☆ Set minimum share for others to download from you.
☆ Share apps, photos, music, videos, documents, etc

Please Note:
The Application is not responsible for the content that you share. Please make sure that you do not violate any copyrights or any laws of your country.

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