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::::Paper Plane 2.0 Will be out soon!!!::::
::::Paper Plane 2.0 Will be out soon!!!::::
::::Paper Plane 2.0 Will be out soon!!!::::

The game is about a paper plane flying down a building. You can control the plane by tapping on the screen. Down the building the paper plane could hit some obstacles. Use the controls to help the plane down the lap. Paper Plane is a actionfilled game perfect to play while you are bored, waiting for the bus or the train and whiel you are with friends. Try to beat the highscore of friends or family, or maybe even your own... The longer you survive the higher score you will get!

Inspired by the Nintendo game Nintendo Airplane Chase

Multiplayer will be implimented soon, and the possiblility to remove ads.

Paper Plane is made and designed by Popcorn Games, Popcorn Games is not a autchorized company but just a nickname.

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