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This application allows you to keep a diary of your life in different areas, and then shows the aggregated data in the form of graphical charts. It will be able to help you more objectively look at your life and take actions to improve it.

To create the application developers were inspired by the emotional tone scale by R. Hubbard. In his opinion, our emotions are not chaos. This is a scale from the most positive to the most negative tone. We are always in some kind of emotional tone. The tone is like the extent of our well-being, success, life, from our point of view. And the higher it is, the easier it is perceived life, the more enthusiasm and excitement radiates person.

The emotional background is affected by many things - health, relationships with loved ones, success at work, the weather... Using the application, you will be able to better understand the interrelationship of the various sectors and the general tone of his life. He can be calm and neutral, or it will dominate the low tone. You may experience negative feelings or a higher, positive. You'll see how some areas of life affect others, and what you can do to move from "minus" to "plus" and feel yourself more successful.

The features of the application:
- ease of use,
- the grading takes a little time,
- descriptive statistics in a convenient graphical form,
- allows you to better know yourself and to understand the relationship of different aspects of your life,
- allows you to make more informed and reasoned decisions for improving quality of life,
- informs about the presence and strength of the geomagnetic storm,
- indicates the phase of the lunar cycle (these two natural factors influence the well-being weather-sensitive people).

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