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??What is Assistive Touch?
- Assistive Touch is an assistant manipulation tool for your Android phone is a similar shortcut iphone cell phone and it's All Free!
- It floats on your phone screen so that you can easily access all setting with one touch, also you can hide it in setting application.
- Maximize your Android multitasking capability with Assistant Touch. It's better, more powerful and functional than assistive touch of iPhone.
??What Assistive Touch can do?
Assistive Touch provides the easiest way to:
- Quick toggle settings(Change your phone settings like turn on Wifi, change screen brightness and so on).
- Set and quick open your favorite app
- Go to Home Screen.
- Lock Screen
- App list.
- Memory clean and optimize
- Clean cache
?????Quick switch includes:
- Brightness
- Ringer mode
- WiFi
- Auto rotation
- Volume.
- Ring down ,Ring up
- Setting
- SMS , Bluetooth
- All applications on device be installed.
?????Assistive Touch theme
- You can customize Background with actions such as: take a photo or choose an image from Gallery.
- Assistant Touch provides varieties of themes to decorate your phone desktop.
- A lot of themes are FREE download.
- You can customize icons with actions such as: take a photo or choose an image from Gallery.
- Each theme is not an APK, so you don't have to install it. Just download and click to change.
- Thank you for using the app, look forward to receiving your support
- If you have comments about the Assistive Touch, you can send email feedback to us.

Note : If you has problem to uninstall, Please Open App/Setting/uninstall, or deactivate(Settings/Security/Device administrators)

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