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Our son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 years and 3 months. A month later he was on intensive one-on-one home-based therapy. By five, he was in a regular mainstream school, totally indistinguishable from his peers. This document outlines the information on Autism we have acquired over the years and the resources I used to aid our son's recovery.
- Autism diagnosis – who to ask
- Starting work with your child
- PDD NOS and Autism
- Types of Autism
- Aspersers’ disorder and Autism
- Sensory issues
- Autism Therapy and Speech therapy
- When do I start to treat a child with Autism?
- ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
- How many hours?
- Working with your child
- Choosing a therapist
- Special Schools
- Mainstream Schools
- Teaching with pictures
- Organizing your cards
- Rotating your material
- Using sound
- Learning environment
- Working at the table
- Reinforcement
- Finishing on a positive note
- Getting organized
- Sight-reading
- Phonics
- Use the TV as a teaching tool
- Spelling
- Knowing when to move on
- What does a consultant do?
- Recording method
- Most frequently used words
- Using a word bank
- Dietary Intervention
- Vitamin E
- Vaccines
- Physical exercise
- Auditory information
- Sleep
- Stims
- Echolalia
- Take a break
- Toilet training
- Encouraging independence
- Safety awareness and Autism
- Using your computer as a teaching tool
- Touch-screens
- Starting school
- Social Stories
- Schedule boards
- Other children
- Talk to your child
- What not to teach your child
- Self-injurious behavior
- Stress management
- Listen to your child
- Watch your child
- Bribery
- Down time
- Bad news and Good news
- Looking ahead
- Telling Others about your child
- Fading

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