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In an emergency situation like natural disaster or human induced disasters, victims try to get immediate rescue help and inform his friends and family members regarding disaster, its location. This application is a sophisticated use of mobile technology that helps victims in various types of emergency situations including natural disaster, medical emergencies, road accidents, kidnapping, street crimes etc to inform and get help from rescue departments by sending a emergency message just a key tap only. This application helps in sending continuous help messages even without touching your mobile using voice recognition.

This application is able to send number of messages once a specific key is tapped. The application repeatedly sends the same message with different location (in case of location change) to the mobile devices of assigned numbers until the application force stopped by the user or battery of the device is empty.
When your Mobile is out of reach, you can speaks the keywords twice consecutively, then through the voice recognition capability of the application , text messages are sent to the target device continuously after a specific interval of Time.

Victims Location Change (VLC) assists rescue workers to track and back-track the victims for better rescue efforts. Voice Recognition Technology (VRT) enhances the working capability of the application, using VRT this application can be used by different type of handicapped people easily.


1. One taps Messaging
2. Voice based Messaging
3. Customized Emergency Messages
4. Every key of the keypad can be used for different emergency message.
5. On single key, unlimited contact number can be store.
6. Context aware messaging
7. Language independent
8. Built-in 10 different types of emergency situations.

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