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Abhemi Practinome Version 3 (with bug fixes)

This application is meant to aid playing musical instruments especially guitar. It has a metronome,stopwatch and displays notes/tabs on screen from all Major/Minor scales or a user created melody at an adjustable tempo (30-300 beats per minute).

There are two modes of operation
-Normal mode -Guitar mode


Tempo: Adjustable via the up/down buttons and through the slider. Ranges from 30 to 300 bpm.

Shuffle: Displays notes from any selected scale randomly (in normal mode).

Selector: Opens a window to choose from all Major/Minor scales and user stored tabs.

Volume: Slider to control the metronome sound volume

Stopwatch: Tells the playing duration of most recent session. Along with bpm knowledge can be used to estimate total number of notes played.

Start Stop: To begin and stop the metronome and play sequence.

Loop: To play the stored note sequence again (in guitar mode)

Create: To create a sequence of guitar tabs.

Save as: Press edit on a selected melody and save it with a different filename.

Edit: To edit a selected sequence of guitar tabs.

Delete: To delete a selected sequence of guitar tabs.

Future release: Metronome tick sound substituted with actual note sound. Please check for updates.

For suggestions, comments or supporting email me:
(Practinome's programmer and designer - i love guitar myself :D)

Quick Stats

6 years

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