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What if you have an extensive library of papers from previous years in the palm of your hand?
What if you could garner a few curated tips for the upcoming exams?
What if you could be more confident in the wake of examinations?

All this is now possible.

Board Digest now bring an exhaustive library of papers for all the subjects separated in a modular fashion for the convenience of the users. It also adds in a few tricks of the trade from experts as how to tackle the nervousness of the uncertainty of the paper format. It provides a reinvigorated courage and confidence to face the examination.
Apart from the usual Tips and Papers that thousands of other applications on the market provides, Board Digest brings additional information on the various aspects of the actual examination such as the paper pattern based on years of verification and the Detailed overview of the subject itself.

The app contains:
1.Tips from experts to manage time and remember more.
2.Subject-specific tips for better understanding of the subject.
3.Sample papers designed parallel to the board pattern.
4.Exclusive last minute revision tips.
5.Soon-to-be-introduced tab for the topper's tips for the examination.

A collection of Papers, Tips and Subject Paper Knowledge and everything in between skillfully combined in the form of a simple, intuitive application that could be carried on your phone FOR FREE.

This app is specially designed with focus to the Standard 10th students.

Major updates in the future include the introduction of tips from the toppers and also introduction of Standard 12th boards and adding the CBSE and ICSE boards, in short an all inclusive examination app for all board students at their fingertips.

ARC-DROID brings yet another educational application to the mobile platform for the convenience of all the students whose life we aim to improve.

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