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Aesculapian is an application related to the field of medical science which focuses on helping people analyze their symptoms to diagnose the possible diseases.
It provides information about the disease, its symptoms, causes and medication.

You can check out the details of various diseases by performing a direct search in the app or type in your symptoms and the app will try to find the possible disease(s) for you.

The database of the application is stored within the app so you don’t have to worry about a lost connection to the web. This application will work even without the internet.

Today, thousands of diseases affect people and many of them are ignored because the symptoms are mild and when they are diagnosed, it’s probably too late. In such situations, a simple search on this app could tell you the possible diseases (mild as well as dangerous).

The objective of the developer is to help people recognize the possible threats in the body so as to get the appropriate care from their nearest medical center as soon as possible in the hope to save a life.

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If you face any trouble or have any queries or suggestions, feel free to contact the developer at Thank you!

Disclaimer: Aesculapian does not provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It only presents publicly accessible information. You must consult a certified doctor/medical practitioner before considering or pursuing any information on the app. The people associated with this application are not liable for any damages, personal injury or wrongful death resulting from use or inability to use this application.
Read our complete disclaimer in the Options segment of the app. You will be provided a link at start up.

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