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Description of abKey – see also www.abkey.com/ www.buytell.net/ www.hero51.com
“This could be the way we all type in the future!” Steve Simon, KHWB TV, USA
abKey is the Next Generation keyboard system for PCs and mobile devices – for young and old, and handicapped people as well.
It’s cool ! and the only keyboard that is alphabetically arranged (and thus easy to learn and use), in such a way that the home row contains all the most commonly used keys, for greater ease and speed! Whatever device you choose, and whether you’re using fingers or thumbs, abKey adapts to ensure a most comfortable and efficient input. No wonder Jack (AskJack) Schofield of Guardian UK, considers abKey the only alternative keyboard with a chance of replacing Qwerty!

Furthermore: abKey has unique Tr and T+ function keys that allow you to store text in (and retrieve from) more than 50 “boxes.” Use this feature to store addresses, ids and numbers, passwords, disclaimer paragraphs, standard letters, commonly used messages and documents – up to whole pages of them! Think of all the time and trouble this’ll save you. In addition to auto-capitalization, auto-completion, auto-spelling suggestions and quick fixes, abKey provides most commonly used accents, currency, web and emoticon symbols.

Download the FREE version (with 5 storage “boxes”) Or PREMIUM (with 58)…Now!