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You awaken by your lonesome on a doomed spacecraft, disoriented and confused. The craft is wrecked, halls are dark, and alarms are ringing incessantly... yet there's an eerie calm about it all.

Probably because you have the spacecraft's artificial intelligence still online to guide you. Meet S.A.R.A.H., the Sentient Artificial Reasoning and Heuristics computer.

Together you navigate the spacecraft heading towards the Control Center to activate the FTL (Faster Than Light) drives and regain control of the ship. But be careful, the extraterrestrial enemy Insectoids are on the same mission!


You initially awaken with amnesia after the attacks. But no worries, squashing those Insectoids gains you Memory (i.e. experience) which you build up to gain Levels. Gaining Levels lets you remember (i.e. unlock) stronger and faster towers to help you defend the ship while on your mission! There's also in-game currency you gain through gameplay, allowing you to purchase Traps, Power Ups and Skills!

Every Stage brings harder and more complex mazes for the Insectoids to run through. You'll have to adapt to each new Stage's layout, and prioritize your resources to building the best towers to defeat each of the Stage's several waves of enemies!

You start the game only remembering how to build one tower, the Basic Tower, due to amnesia from the attacks. Though as you level you'll be introduced to stronger, faster and cheaper towers. With the help of S.A.R.A.H., you even fuse some of the alien Insectoid technology into creating 2 devastatingly strong towers!

The different waves of each Stage are mixed with a variety of Insectoid enemies, and they're all unique and different! You'll need to remember that the slow moving organic Insectoids carry so much weight that Basic Towers barely affect them, while the BioMechatronic Insectoids take double the damage from Missile Towers due to its armor piercing rounds. Each of the different enemies have their own abilities that will force you to formulate strategies for every single wave on the fly!

If at any point you want to focus in on a particular sequence/battle, or if you just prefer larger graphics, you can use the 2-finger-apart gesture to zoom in and out, seamlessly. While zoomed in, you can also scroll across the map using one finger so you never miss any action!

You gain the in-app currency, Coin, through gameplay by gaining memory, completing stages, killing bosses, and achieving objectives. You can use Coin in the in-app 'Store' to purchase a variety of Traps, Power Ups and Skills which you can then use to help you when playing! There's even a Kid's Mode you can unlock!

This is the first ever mobile app created by a one-man team (me!). Hope you enjoy!

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