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LuxRadar - Radar Luxembourg is a radar " detector ". Radars are detected and shared through a clicked by the user (like a post) to other users on both platforms (iOS and Android).

The basic idea behind the app is to warn drivers before police controls, radars accidents and more by sharing information about radars or accidents between each user.

The application is usable in background mode, which will allow you to use the app in combination with another navigation system.

LuxRadar - Radar Luxembourg is the most accurate radar warn system here in Luxembourg. It will warn you before unattended police controls, radars, accidents and more and it combines users from the most used systems here in Luxembourg (iOS and Android).

LuxRadar application contains the following features:

- Map view for mobile police controls in Luxembourg
- Map view for radars in Luxembourg
- Map view for accidents in Luxembourg
- Traffic visualised on the map
- Report police controls
- Report accidents
- Bluetooth speak notification
- Intuitive interface design
- Let you define your own warn system
- Share controls with friends to warn them.
- Available in 4 different languages!!
1) Luxembourgish
2) French
3) English
4) German

It uses GPS and your internet connection to keep you up-to-date about new position of police controls, radars, accidents and more.

The idea of sharing is also known from other systems such as coyote, but LuxRadar is specialised on controls for Luxembourg and the Luxembourg street situation!

LuxRadar - Radar Luxembourg is FREE. There exists an In-App purchase for only 1.99€ to upgrade to LuxRadar Pro - Radar Luxembourg.

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