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Product by Team thACk, from Tech Council, Anglo-Chinese Junior College(ACJC)

Winner of the Best Gameplay Award of NUS GDC 2012.

We are a group of JC2 programming enthusiasts.This is our first Android game application. So please support us by downloading, trying and giving feedback.

Team members:
Zhu Liang, code monkey and group leader
Wong Wai Tuck, the assistant code monkey and manager
Tan Lok You, playtester and artist
Yang Su Wei, audio engineer and assistant artist

You are a black hole in the universe.
Your goal is to grow as big as possible, suck everything that can be sucked and get the highest score possible!
You get to name your black hole at the start of the game (how cute).
When you suck planets, you grow bigger and your gravity increases (Newton’s Law of Gravity)!
Objects move towards you as you exert a lot of gravity (you’re a black hole after all).
However, if you absorb anti-matter found lying in the universe, you shrink and lose gravity!
If your gravity hits 0, you cease to exist. Drag the black hole and start sucking!

New original never before seen game concept!
Impressive Graphics!
Original Story!
Original Soundtrack!
Gravity-based Physics System!
Multiplier System where sucking 3 planets of the same colour grants more multiplier!
Planetary power-ups! Suck special planets and gain bonuses!
Use of ScoreLoop for Local and Online High Score submission!

Quick Stats

4 years

since last update

1 year

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