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*Set a different a vibration for each of your contacts*

Know who is calling or texting you, just feeling it !
When you receive a phone call or a text message (SMS or MMS) Contact Vibrate will respond vibrating differently for every contact you have defined. If this particular number or contact has no vibration set a master vibration will be called by default. Simple and easy to use.
You can create your own vibration patterns touching the screen using our wizard, or define custom morse messages at different speeds at your will, explore the options !
If you find difficult or boring creating vibrations, don't worry, we set a bunch of'em for you.

Still using old boring ringtones ? Go on, try Contact Vibrate, perfect for being discrete in a meeting, subway, family reunion... and still know who is trying to reach you.

Contact Vibrate is available in: English, Spanish and French and will be soon available in more languages.

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