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Under Kenya Vision 2030, Kenya aims to be a middle-income rapidly industrializing country by 2030, offering all its
citizens a high quality of life. It’s first Medium Term Plan was implemented between 2008 and 2012. This Second
Medium Term Plan outlines the policies, programmes and projects which the Jubilee Coalition Government intends to
implement during the five year period starting 2013 to 2017 in order to deliver accelerated and inclusive economic
growth, higher living standards, better education and health care, increased job creation especially for youth,
commercialized agriculture providing higher rural incomes and affordable food, improved manufacturing sector and
more diversified exports. All this is necessary in order to address the acute challenges of poverty, joblessness, and
inequality and to facilitate faster realisation of Kenya Vision 2030.The Plan was prepared through an inclusive and
wide-ranging consultative process which conforms to the requirements of the Constitution of Kenya on public
participation in public policy-making. Its implementation framework has also taken cognizance of the two-tier level of
government, national and county, and new governance structures mandated by the constitution in the form of
commissions and independent offices.

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