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In this application of children's riddles you can find fun you seek in moments of boredom with animal riddles, math puzzles, problems wit, riddles for kids, ...
We recommend you use logic and humor to solve them.

The puzzles are hobbies, games, which consist in finding a solution to a puzzle or find the hidden meaning of a sentence based on intuition and reasoning, it does not take an expert. The difference with riddles are that they pose the riddle in the form of rhyme and are usually aimed at children's audiences.

This application is intended for children of all ages, while the adults have fun with riddles and problems, the little ones entertained with riddles and visual images. There is fun for everyone!

It is a good hobby to train your brain will learn to use logic in mathematics and ingenuity will sharpen. The child's mind needs new challenges, but always entertaining and fun way. With this application will get activate your mind. After so much T.V. and video games are grateful that something makes them think, what better what this puzzles and riddles specially designed for the child's mind?
Help them try something different, you can become one of your favorite games at meetings with friends.

There is also a section of Wallpaper that the children will love. Contains beautiful images that you can use as wallpaper, share with friends or print on paper.

We hope it is an enriching experience for children and especially fun.

Do not forget to share it on Facebook and Whatsaap to make fun exercising your mind with friends.

Have fun while you train your mind, It is very entertaining!!!

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