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Air War 1942 is a classical WWII air combat game!
pilot a wide variety of fighter, call wingman with you to fight with enemies, upgrade technology to make yourself stronger and win the battle! Air War gives you a beautiful sense of battle, and utilize powerful weaponry against waves of enemies, be a epic hero!
You will be challenged different shapes and devastating barrages. Epic Air War also makes the game more interesting, more colorful picture.
Easy game operation will enable you to calmly face the challenges.
Smash down the enemy planes and gain high scores in your journey of traversing the interstellar!Just enjoy the super fun of this top air battle game with its flowing control, splendid special effects, powerful BGM, delicate aircrafts and challenging levels!Destroy the enemy planes and escape from rival firepower! Really a challenge huh?! Not to mention the super BOSS planes!
Fight, Fight, Fight! 'Plane War 1942' is the best fighter in the planet!
Plane War 1942, Rich scenes & fighter world, Simple and excellent!
Plane War 1942 Free game comes to Google Play! Plane War 1942 is a fast fighter game, eight different scenes, charming sound and music, with HD graphics and special game play. Press screen to move, destroy enemies in your adventure!
★ A wide variety of fighter, wingman and props.
★ Simple operation, auto fire.
★ Enhanced Technology systems let you become more powerful.
★ You can collect coins, recovery and bomb props.
★ 3 difficulty mode: easy, normal, hard and survival.
★ 10 EPIC BOSS, with intelligent AI

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