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Bhalo Achi lets you share health information and find healthcare services on demand. It also gives a rating-based social profile to the health professionals to let them branding through social contribution.

# Usefulness of BhaloAchi app:

Using Bhalo Achi app, health professionals and medical students can provide free advice to the people, and get liked by the people.

# You can:
1. ask & chat about health.
2. find ratings on medicines.
3. comment on medicine experience.
4. find different brands of a medicine to save money.
5. Search on-demand services and doctors.
6. Tracking Happiness, Diabetes and Blood pressure.

# Doctors & med-students can:
1. give health information.
2. get popularity for their free contribution.
3. recommend other specialists.
4. ask questions and do case study.

# Pharmacists can:
1. advice on the uses, indications, side effects, and pregnancy safety.
2. explain how medicines work.
3. help to choose alternative brands.

# When to use Bhalo Achi App:
Q: Have a question on health?
<> Ask voluntary doctors and other health professionals on Bhalo Achi App....

Q: Doctor prescribes you a medicine?
<> Know what other people say about that medicine....

Q: Want to track your Happiness, Diabetics and Blood pressure?
<> Use the graphical health tracking function in Bhalo Achi app....

Q: A medicine worked well for you?
<> Give a good rating to that medicine and let others know....

Q: Got a question on medicine or prescription?
<> Ask pharmacists to choose another brand and save money, or to learn about medicines....

Q: Need to find a doctor in Bangladesh?
<> Find their speciality, profile and location using Bhalo Achi App....

Q: Have some free time for healthcare?
<> Help people if you are a health professional and grow your popularity....

Q: Want to share your knowledge and experience of healthcare?
<> Invite health professionals, medical students and people to join Bhalo Achi : )

# Reasons behind Bhalo Achi:
<> Our primary idea is to provide a health platform where doctors, medical students, pharmacists, allied health professionals and people can share health information and contribute into the healthcare in Bangladesh.

<> People can do rating & comment on any medicine brand they use to share their experience.

<> Healthcare professionals may feel social responsibility and spend some of their free time to help people using Bhalo Achi App. In this way, people can get free healthcare service.

<> Prices of different brands for the exact same medicine are not always same. So we provide lists of different brands so people can know the names of other brands and save money. Also showing which brand has more rating.

# Doctors and Pharmacists of Bangladesh are closer now!
The first platform in Bangladesh where doctors, medical students and pharmacists can exchange opinions together using Bhalo Achi App.

# Bhalo Achi Equations:
> Bhalo Achi App = Placing People First
> Make People Happy = Get Popularity
> Higher Medicine Rating = Higher Quality
> Search Medicine Brands = Save Money
> More Recommendations = More Reliability
> Doctors’ Rating + Users’ Rating = Fair Rating

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