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Whether you’re a pre-teen or an adult, acne can ruin your self-esteem while leaving your face and your body riddled with acne scars. If you’re tired of the constant battles with whiteheads, blackheads or zits, get the information, statistics and acne remedies to fight off your pimples for good! If you’re one of the 650 million teens afflicted by acne symptoms, empower yourself with the knowledge you need to cure back acne, facial acne and cystic acne. All of your commonly asked questions, like the best home remedies for acne, or the types of acne that exist, are gathered here to provide an informative, helpful guide for teens and adults.

From dietary tips to advice on acne scar removal, this app lets you discover everything you ever wanted to know about the condition. If you’re tired of waking up every morning and seeing your face, back, arms or legs riddled with acne scars, get informed, discover your acne treatment options and regain your confidence today.

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