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Designed for doctors by doctors. A must have for aesthetic & cosmetic practitioners. Facilitates the process of storing consultation records and pre & post procedure photographs. No more loose paper and photos! No More cumbersome computers and cameras! A complete client record and photo filing system is now available for your android phone or tablet!

Provides the ability to be completely paperless. Best of all - your filing system can fit in your pocket!

Customize Aesthetica with your own diagrams/pictures and text templates.


-Individual client folders.
-Easy to use filing system.
-Quick client search.
-Write/record consultation notes.
-Store client details.
-Easily contact clients via email, SMS or phone.
-Customize text templates and insert into notes.
-Phone/tablet camera allows photos to be captured and added directly to client folders.
-All photos within each client folder are represented by thumbnails.
-Designate photographs as "Before" or "After".
-Comparison function (2 pictures).
-Email & Print main screen photographs (dependent in 3rd party software).
-Enlarge thumbnails.
-Filter thumbnails/photos by date.
-Automatically records client name and date & time of photo.
-Practitioners can add their own essential model pictures & diagrams. These are added automatically to client folders on creation.
-Ability to draw on photos.
-Customize position of toolbars and thumbnails.
-Pen & eraser functions.
-Optimized for phones & tablets.

Aesthetica - the only system of its kind.

NOTE: No client photos displayed in screen shots due to privacy.

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