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quantity:price – app for comparing prices

This app helps to save money. Nowadays producers use various kinds of packaging to disguise the "real" price. So it can happen that rather than being a bargain a product turns out to be even more expensive. Quantity:price helps you to identify quickly the product at the most reasonable price.

An example:
Washing powder A for 36 loads costs 10,99
Washing powder B for 54 loads costs 17,99

Do you know at one glance which product is eventually the more reasonable one?

quantity:price tells you after a short typing in of quantity and price that you should buy washing powder A because you will save 1,- (8%).

You can use quantity:price at nearly every purchase. It does not matter if you want to compare (wash) loads, pieces, weight or litre as long as both products use the same units.

So you can make sure that you really buy at the most reasonable price for example eggs (quantity), flour (weight: gram/Kilo), toilet paper (rolls), milk (litre), etc.

Have fun comparing and saving money!