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Anti Terrorist Counter Strike shooting war with destructive exhilarating weapons.
You are part of SWAT TEAM Commando Unit Counter terrorist is your duty. Anti terrorist SWAT Police have intelligence report about underworld criminals violate in the city? There are multiple terrorist forces doing work like Mafia X, Under World 2 and Target Killers has netted the whole city. They spread anarchy by drugs, violence, serial killing, target killing and drugs. So it's a quick mission to recover the city area, rescue innocent people.

World has been under ISIS terrorists attack. Call of country where you are a SWAT Commando & city sniper army. Dangerous assault mission assigned to blast away the ISIS gang terrorists using anti-terrorist bloody war guns, explosives, undercover agents, sharp shooters, marines and specialized military sniper gunners at the enemy’s frontier. In every mission you step for homeland, kill all enemy soldiers; destroy their infrastructure and clear militants. The mission assigned to assassin all commandos. The target is about to impossible mission but not for a professional SWAT City Commando. Keep out world at war arms as World War II.

It's ending the ending the year 2015 time of Christmas and coming new year night 2016, ISIS enemy can attack like Paris attacks, eliminate Abdelhamid Abaaoud dead, do the safe celebration of Christmas and new year night to get start 2016 with joy. ISIS gunners occupy all around weaponry, heavy war tactics and battlefield equipment they using modern combat tactical in city and make the people hostages in hotels. Being brave SWAT soldiers destroy all enemy tanks, gunship heli, killing gunners and snipers at top of buildings.

Terminate high value targets first like as counter terrorist force law enforcement agency.
Helicopter also hijacked by terrorists they are doing gunship strike, killing our troops in deadly airstrike on city so do the aircraft down with RPG quickly.
Military unit on their way for backup so keep the enemy engage meanwhile they reach there. Lead the different missions as an elite swat team member.

Critical Missions: SWAT Strike is fast paced FPS gaming experience on your Android devices. Enjoy the smooth and customization controls and play first-person shooter against city area.

Powerful gun pull the trigger to shoot down the deadly killers.
AK-47 with multi mags and ammo.
Heli Gun M134 caliber six barrel most powerful combat weapon.
Anti Tank RPG Rocket-propelled grenade

Realistic S.W.A.T. battle simulator - WW2
Modern weapons like assault rifles and sniper guns.
Deadly bullets effects with head-shot to kill fast.
High Definition 3D graphics - World War 2
FPS (First Person Shooter) 3D Game - IGI 2
Cool and Excellent real look 3D environment
Smooth game control and sound effects
High powerful weapons
Exciting game sound effect
Impressive graphics and Multiple Missions
Thanksgiving Gingerbread support.

Download City SWAT Commando Strike simulator game for free at Google Play Store to combat action.

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