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Cool Brick Breaker World is amazing and cool arcade game in a round world. Amazing brick world in a circle that rotate around bricks and brick also rotates in that revolutionary world. Out style game you’ve ever played in mobile. Break the bricks in animated world, challenging and engaging game leaves you hungry for more fantastic levels. Unanticipated obstacles to brick breakout.
In this entrancing game it is your job to destroy all the required bricks (red and yellow colored bricks). Brick Breaker were so popular in past and that you can carry in your pocket everywhere. Now enjoy in awesome android mobile game.
Brick breaker world is revolutionary and challenging with fun and craze in animated rotated bricks. You also have a limited number of life to achieve the goal.

Game Features:

  • Amazing Bricks Demolition arcade game

  • Animated world in 2D

  • Awesome sound effects to holding your entire attention and skills to Break Bricks

  • Colorful graphics with animations

  • Happy brick

How to play:

  • Demolish red and yellow bricks by bouncing ball

  • Keep attention on ball and don't allow to cross circle (you have limited challenging number of life)

  • Rotate circle by touch up and down

  • Save the ricochet ball to cross circle by pedals on circle

  • Pedals bounce ball and keeps in boundary

  • Break bricks by ricochet ball
  • In this Cool Brick Breaker World movement of the pedal is key of success. It's you and your skill to play challenging arcade game.

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