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It's a time of death clash at war zone mission, pilot...! Are you ready for drop commandos in brutal enemy territory for surprise attacks to destroy the army units in city counter war? Real war adventure mission ready so get ready for deadly action, what you are looking for....!

Complete missions with climate of thrill and passion to defeat the terrorist, pick your gun to ambush enemies, kill them to survive and make powerful your country and nation. It is time of Christmas and New Year night 2016 celebration so ISIS has occupied city and military compounds and has the mission to occupy on different cities of your country. Enemies are highly trained and fully equipped. You are universal commando soldier to deal with bloody war so show your special seal commando action skills to save the country. You are part of elite team so just do or die. Being the part of front line commando force you have to play a great role to survive your country so defeat them with your commando skills.

Download now for free at Android Google Play Store and enjoy real war action adventure, free android game.

Equip yourself with most modern 3D latest sniper, AK-47, G-3 and MP5 weapons and Stinger anti helicopter. Sniper 3D is the best gun for shooting of 2016 where New Year night and Christmas has under attack threats. Play in three different battle 3d region and 32 most addictive battlefield 3d levels. You have to dead shot the assassin army war soldiers. Death clash mission contains realistic 3D graphics and real battlefield sound effects. We worked hard to make real 3d environment and controls to give you real war mission experience.

This could be your lucky day to make the battle results change in death clash zone, so keep gun shooting to destroy all enemy units for war mission. Let’s go, helicopter is ready to drop you over terrorist units. So be ready for deadly battlefield action to save civilian in NYC and all around the world. It needs passionate and crazy attacks to get success over the bloodiest terrorist. Be careful ISIS has bio chemical weapons too they can use to attack in this Christmas and New Year night of 2016.

City SWAT Team is failed to stop the terrorist military warriors, enemy killing of civilians advancing to attack in center of the city streets. They alliance with underworld criminals too. It is top emergency curfew declared in five mile radius of the city. There need US Rangers and special seals team with heavy ammunition and long rang transmutes for battle communication. If you need more weapons you can go at gun shop. Gun shoot should be most efficient for success of the war exercise for better experience. The only way to blow them out use best guns for fighting while backup on their way.
Gun Shop to access modern weapon and war technicals:

You are expected to succeed at all costs. Wish you good luck and stay safe.

How to Play:
1- Touch the screen for look anywhere left, right, up or down.
2- Tap Fire button to fire bullets.
4- For enemies at far distance, use the telescope for sniper shoot.
5- Find enemies quickly to kill before they kill you.
6- Care about your health by change your position quickly by change location button.

1- Excellent fort city 3D environment
2- Fabulous sound effects
3- Easy GUI and controls
4- First person shooting

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