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Gun War Battle 3D is thrilling war simulation where alone army commando shooter handle deadly ambush in red zone battlefield without high ammunition and backup air support. There is a blackout in the city due to enemy control to avoid air strike and anti air craft in standby mode this is why air attack is impossible for the mission, so mission is just for brave frontline commando to conquer their military.

World become modern enough but robots war machine not fully effective real army commando need to get in action for defeat enemy in war zone. Play as frontline commando with elite sniper against terrorists and terrorism.

The enemy has occupied into your home land and now the battle is in the streets of the city. Show your ghost soldier skills that can attack suddenly on military troops.

Grab your weapons and ready for thrilling action-strategy game as World War II. The battle will hard against air drop paratroopers in battlefield, also careful form enemy sniper post that has long range sniper weapons with deadly bullets. You can get the gold coins by complete mission, and then you can buy other more powerful and advanced gun. The more advanced gun makes you more accurate and powerful to shoot from long distance.

Game Features
♥. Gun War Battle 3D is an intense shooting game.
♥. Realistic battle scenes in street near mountains.
♥. Modern war weapons and equipments. WW2
♥. Very interesting elegant first person shoot game.
♥. Ultimate FPS Action Game!
♥. Addictive game play mission - World War II
♥. Fabulous first person shooter 3d game - counter strike
♥. Thrilling surprise attack like World War 2 - Assassin’s creed
♥. The game is totally free of cost.

Play Army War Game; download now for free at Google Play Store. Get free app 3d get sniper rifle shooting to complete armed conflict mission by eliminate your enemies.

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