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Ultimate commando action strike with sniper shooter gun simulator. This marvelous action game is for teen girls and boys, young adults and action game lovers. Best(FPS) shooter game in 3d action games.

Enemy are very brutal killers and city gang warriors. Most of the enemies have criminal background with underworld gangster records in city crime after world war 2 (WW2). The foe army killers has tag as serial killer so don't take as easy rival while ambush assault. Modern wars has nuclear warfare risk for world. It was big danger after world war 2 of develop nuclear warfare by armies.

Commando Mission: Enemy has occupy the mountain army base, there are huge store of light and heavy weapons including shoot guns, long range sniper rifle gun, grenade, Shotguns, Handguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, RPG, Ak47, M134, M16, Rockets and even missiles for transport to surround army troops in the desert, mountain and jungle battlefield. It is extremely require to get army base back from deadly enemy to transport essential ammunition by military truck and trailer to surrounding battlefield for save the world. Must complete the mission impossible at any cost.

The gunship helicopter chopper is on its way to serial bombing so shoot quickly to clear the post. Enemy Gunship helicopter aircraft very dangerous for the mission so be ready with anti aircraft weapons to destroy war aircraft in the battlefield.

Splendid and prime features:
√ Excellent realistic simulator with shooting range and modern combat experience.
√ Challenge commando covert strike mission - IGI 2
√ Realistic Environment, Interactive Gameplay, Smooth Graphics and 3D Special Sound Effects
√ Leaderboard to share your stuff to global mobile game players and close friends.
√ Digital radar system provides real time enemies location and movements.
√ Addictive gameplay mission.
√ Fabulous first person shooter 3d game.
√ Tremendous multiple Weapons with tons of ammunition.
√ Next missions: rescue Syrian refugee children in war zone
√ Destroy Daish (ISIS) basis to eliminate terrorists of Paris attacks.

Ultimate commando weapons to survive in battle.
☺ Long range sniper rifle gun
☺ Gun pistol with unlimited ammo.
☺ RPG grenade Launcher.

How to play:
♥ This is offline game not require internet connection you can play while internet access or not.
♥ It is single player FPS 3D game.
♥ Intensive artificial intelligence AI.
♥ Aim to target killer head shots accurately to death quickly.
♥ Tap fire button to get the foe down.
♥ Use sniper zooms button to get the hard target close.
♥ Shoot to target down very quickly either you could be hurt by opponent bullets.
♥ Digital radar to find real time rival sniper shooter positions.
♥ Health bar at top left will show your life line.

Play right now download now for free at Google Play Store, enjoy with ultimate war action.

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