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Free Kick Championship is a free football game. In this game you have to target kicks in the goal post. There are two types of play mode one is single player other is two player. In single player you are only player and Double player mode is turn by turn mode. Free kick championship has two type of game play one is Shoot mode and another one is timer mode.

Shoot mode you have to shootout into the goal post and you can earn points by hitting target area. You have limited shoot and unlimited time to earn high score. This is endless mode. Timer mode you have limited time and unlimited shoots within the time limit. One difficulty is that here you have to earn a beat score to continue your game.

There are various obstacles in the game play, which makes it harder or challenging. You can earn a good score to face them and share your high score globally on scoreboard.

Features :

1.) Shoot mode and timer mode.

2.) Challenging game play.

3.) Various obstacles.

4.) Global score submission.

5.) Smooth animations.

6.) Tournament mode.

7.) Global Leader board.

Download and enjoy free kick championship.

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