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This new utility app “ReadMi” will be key app that can be used for reading for Hypermetropia ( long sightedness). This app will assist for people with this condition to be able to read very easy.This app is targeted towards people with hypermetropia (long sightedness) condition. The typical age range would be anyone about 35 with a possible eye condition that makes it difficult for them to read any item that is too close.


1. Use the smart phone to brighten and zoom text to be able to read.
2. Use to app to read books, menu’s, tickets and more without the use of glasses.
3. Avoid the situation of constantly alternating between glasses to read items closer.
4. Use the light feature to brighten to object being read.
5. Use the zoom feature to expand the text being read.
6. Utilize the scale feature to adjust and manage the zoom feature.
7. Utilize the scale feature to adjust and manage the brightness feature.


1. Reading a restaurant menu – instead of flipping glasses back and forth.
2. Reading a brochure at a concert, sports game or any event.
3. Reading the tiny detail text at a museum
4. Reading directions on map, book or a phone