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This app allows users to access and control their LarryAlert device, the first pocket-sized connected smart alert device of its kind designed with adventure in mind! The revolutionary 3D radar motion sensor creates a size controlled virtual boundary that keeps an eye on your stuff while in crowded areas or open public spaces. People can move around your truck, boat trailer, campsite, office counter or next to your RV - no problem. As soon as anyone enters your radar protected area, an instant alert along with a photo burst of captured images is sent to your smartphone via state of the art long range WiFi. The manual photo feature allows anytime photo check on the area around your stuff. The App set-up options allow for silent or siren mode and a built-in real time streaming loudspeaker to greet friends or tell an intruder “hands off my stuff”! Now you can take your stuff with you without your stuff being taken from you. Learn more at