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As featured in "Launching Next" as an up and coming new app! http://goo.gl/h8XDwu

Missed oil changes and maintenance checks are a thing of the past!
When your car is due for maintenance, you'll receive an automated maintenance alert.
No more watching your odometer tick over every day, anticipating your next scheduled maintenance.

Oiled will notify you automatically when your next factory scheduled maintenance is due. It will tell you what specific maintenance items are due, and it can help you find a mechanic that has good reviews on Yelp.

After installing Oiled and telling it what kind of car you have, you don't have to do anything. Oiled runs automatically in the background and will alert you when your next scheduled maintenance is due.

NOTE: Your car must be 1990 or newer, and must have Bluetooth for this app to work.

New Bonus Features:
1) Oiled can show you where you last parked your car!
Very handy for those large parking lots. Just tap on the Parking symbol at the top right of the app.
2) Oiled can show you the route of your last drive!
Fun to see the path that you took, how much time it took, and your average speed.

Pro Tips:
1) Tap on the current mileage indicator (the big grey circle) within Oiled if you ever need to update your current odometer reading.
2) Swipe left to see the summary of your last drive.
3) Tap on the big grey circle on the trip summary screen to see that trip's route.

Have a feature request or feedback? Send the Oiled team an e-mail at info@oiled.co.

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