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A very simple clock and battery meter designed to resemble an Aperture Test Chamber sign from the Portal video game series. I believe the world just doesn't have enough Portal in it and couldn't quite find any apps or widgets I liked in the Play store, so I decided to create this.

Change log:
* v1.0 - Basic functionality. Tells time and battery percentage. You're welcome.

I do not claim ownership of any artwork or logos in this widget. All artwork was taken from
creative commons sources found on Google. Aperture Laboratories, Portal, GLaDOS and neurotoxin
are all registered trademarks of Valve Corporation and therefore this widget will not be used
for monetary or commercial gain. However, I do not believe cake is a registered trademark of
Valve or anyone else. Therefore use of this widget may imply a fondness of, or desire for, cake.

May we all have cake and rejoice.

This app is for entertainment purposes only and not meant to infringe upon the rights or properties of
Valve Corporation.

Also, that part about the cake... that was a lie.

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2 years

since last update