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SaveMe+ app is designed to save you in a natural disaster or other emergency.

During an emergency, on the click of a button, you can send your status and GPS coordinates to your friends and family (Your emergency contacts).

You can use the simple color coded (red, yellow, and green) interface to choose your status. There are three buttons: "I need help IMMEDIATELY", "I am OK but need help when possible", and "I am OK".

This app also provides you with an emergency alarm and SOS light to attract attention.

This app will also connect to and allow you to communicate with first responders in case of a natural disaster. It can connect to any first responders who have our Router-On-Wheels technology, which is the other part of this project (to make SaveMe+).

Saveme+ is developed by FLL team First Responders (Anish Singhani, Anirudh Hemige, Om Anavekar, Sidharth Sreedar)

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