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Weddings and events is an app that help you plan the perfect wedding or event.
Manage your guests list, arrange tables , send invitation to all guest (by mail, SMS or Facebook), ask for arrival confirmation and send "Thank you" greetings to all guests.
You can also export and import all guests/check list and tables to Excel.

The app also provides check list and basic budget management and all in one place.
Putting together your guests list is easy with this Weddings and events. You can import all your guests directly from your phone contacts or from Facebook.
You can also arrange guests by tables, include automatic arrange feature , which automatically arrange the guests according to the guests groups, that you can manually define or based them on the your Facebook groups.
The user can also define limitations (e.g. guest A should or shouldn't sit near guest B) and the automatic arrangement mechanism will take it into consideration.

Another great feature is the sync mechanism which allow building the guests list and managing the event with another user (another event owner for example your bride to be or a family member), all event owners can edit the event details and add their own contacts list.

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