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The Cubs Train app will give you the basics to educate your new friend, this dog training is for all breeds of puppies: pitbull, boxer, German shepherd, poodle, Yorkshire, bulldog, beagle ...
If you do not know how to educate your puppy this is your application. With this simple application to train puppies you can teach your pet quickly.

If you do not obey when called, he barks without cause or even urinate at home, do not worry, with Train Cubs will solve all these problems.

Ideally, to improve the behavior of your dog is learning to follow a parallel to other dogs of their environment, which is why we designed this application so you can share by Whatsapp and Facebook with friends who have dogs. In addition, you will have the advice always at hand on your mobile or tablet if you need to consult any doubt.

Discover the secrets of the canine world and how easy it is to teach your pet if you know the right process. These are the sections you'll find this app in basic training for a puppy:

Grooming habits
Training with newspaper
good manners
Training for obedience
Strap Training
The order "Here"
The command "Down"
The command "Stay"
The command "Come"
The order "Shake hands"

Good luck in the beautiful challenge you have ahead. Above all you'll have to be patient and give all your love during the process, certainly worth the reward.

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