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SeaSharp is an interactive learning system for all sea sports enthusiasts and marine professionals. It is of particular help to anyone studying RYA courses (Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore, Essential Navigation, Power Boat, Safety Boat, Etc.) and the new theory courses for Sea Kayakers.

SeaSharp helps you to become familiar with:

· The pattern of lights shown on vessels at night.
· The shapes shown on vessels during the day.
· The colours and shapes of buoys as seen by day and night, including light patterns.
· Sound signals made by vessels in fog and on other occasions.
· How the IRPCS* should be applied to possible collision situations.
· The Beaufort scale, weather symbols and common meteorological terms.

The app can be used in pure revision mode, or to display multiple-choice options, with a scoring system – should you stay onshore, or are you “Sea Sharp”.

Please note that marine navigational systems are not standardised worldwide. Our understanding is that the cardinal system is universal, but the lateral system is divided into two regions. Most countries operate with the port (red) buoys showing on the left hand side when entering a channel with an incoming tide, but in the Americas, the system is reversed.

SeaSharp supports the IALA A, AND IALA B buoyage systems.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented by this App, it should only be used as a learning aid, and not to replace course materials and official publications.

The developer welcomes any information about possible inaccuracies, and, of course, suggestions for improvements.

*International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea

We would like to respond positively to any comments from users, and improve the app where possible. Currently, there are only two broadly negative reviews:

"Didn' t help, perhaps they inhabit adifferent part of the time space continuim"

Not sure how to respond here as there is very little to go on.

"Poor for a purchased App. As a professional mariner there are a lot of there are many points missing. This App needs much more work done on it."

A very frustrating comment from a developer viewpoint. The reviewer may have some valid criticisms, and the app could perhaps be improved by addressing the 'many points missing', but there is no clue as to what these might be.

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