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Please note: IMI Quran and Science will ask for permission to access files because it is necessary for streaming and playing the audio files and display the pages in the books. IMI Quran and Science will not access anything else but the audio player and display of graphics and in later versions also video! Also, consider that this app consumes data. So ideally stream via Wifi so not to lose data on your plan.
IMI (Islamic Media International) brings you an app that features Quran and Science. The Quran part includes a clear, concise and contemporary translation of the Holy Quran into modern poetic English. It is fully in rhyme form like the original Arabic, which is a first in history. The recitation is also a first in history as it is chanted in a similar fashion to the Arabic original and not just read out like conventional audio books.
The right length of sentences and verses, careful choice of precise words exactly representing the original Arabic as well as a number of syllables which are kept as near to the Arabic original as possible, make this translation come alive. The translator takes his time for the verses and meditates and prays over them for a long time before coming to his final version. He has been studying the Quran, Islam, Islamic history, science, literature, and languages for over 40 years.
Using this app as a non-native speaker of English you can improve his/her English and knowledge of the Quran at the same time- Native speakers learn to understand the Quran in his/her own native English. IMI will update the app with one Juz (Sipara, Chapter covering 1/30th of the Quran), every quarter year. Currently, there are 6 Juz, 1,2 3, 28, 29 and 30. You can read line by line next to the Arabic original with white on black alphabets saving energy while seeing clearly and zoom in as well as scroll fluently from top to bottom by simply swiping up in both portrait or landscape mode. You can additionally listen to the recitation in English at the same time while reading or independently from reading by just switching off your screen. There is a free demo-version which includes a preview of the first few pages of each Juz and the first minute of the English recitation of each Juz. Full access to all content of both Quran and Science sections in this app can be purchased for a fee of USD 0.99.
The science books are for scientifically minded people to learn about Islam and the Quran and the connection between Allah and His nature, which is His creation. In a previously unknown way, the gap between science and religion has been bridged by Islam. For Muslims, this serves to improve their knowledge of science, to encourage them to learn about the natural sciences and nature and to increase their faith.
Also, these books serve as a tool for invitation into Islam in this Age of Science. As such, they can also be used in scientific or theological debates and serve non-Muslims to learn the truth of and about Islam. Alongside the alluring paintings, there is an eloquent presentation, which can be played to facilitate the reading of this challenging content. In this way, science and Islam are both made attractive and easy. These 7 books of moderate length cover Universe, Solar-System, Earth, Water, Animals, Mankind and 7 Pillars and include dozens of verses each with a detailed explanation featuring illustrations with sand-paintings by Senegalese street artists who were paid generously for their work.
The app includes a free demo version of each book covering the first 7-9 pages and the first minute of audio. Full access to all content of both Quran and Science sections in this app can be purchased for a fee of USD 0.99.

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