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Want to become the Math Master but don't know where to start? Don't worry! We have everything you need. This is how we can help you with the key features:


This section has a few basic Math topics for kids:

1. Find the correct number

2. Even and Odd.

3. Comparing numbers.

4. Ordering numbers.

5. Who Am I?

6. Find the right operation.


1. This is a feature would be used by parents or instructor.

2. As an instructor, you will be able to assign and monitor your students Math work.

3. We will use the Math Stage feature as an assignment.

4. If there is an incomplete assignment after 8 PM, we will send a push notification to remind.


1. It is an untimed multiple choice test. Which contains the questions from Basic Math to Algebra.

2. You will answer each question separately and get the result right away.

3. If you get 5 questions wrong in a row, your test will be stopped automatically.

4. After completing the test, I will tell you where you should start to learn Math.

** ACT/ SAT/ GED **

1. All multiple choice questions.

2. Focus on the same topics with the real one.


1. This is an untimed section.

2. For each round, you have to get five correct problems in a row. There are five rounds in every topic.


This is one topic section. Which means you only ONE topic that you want to work on. Our process will help you become the master.

First stage is called Math Workbook: you have to do at least 50 problems. If you get one problem wrong, we add a new one to your goal.

Second one is Math Ladder: you have to do a number of problems. For any correct answer you will get 2 points, any incorrect one you will loose 5 points. The goal of this is getting 100 points or above.

Third one is Math Test: you have to do a test with 10 questions. The goal is the get at least 90 percent.


This is a HELP section. It won't give you any problems, but I will have you solve some difficult problems with specific solutions.

1. Finding Least Common Multiple (LCM).

2. Finding Greatest Common Factor (GCF).

3. Add/ Sub/ Mul/ Div fractions.


It shows you a lot of useful tips to help you speed up your calculation.

1. Multiply with 10s.

2. Multiply with 11.

3. Multiply by part.

4. Quadratic equation.

5. Quadratic inequality.

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