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Time 3 competitors at once for unlimited laps, then save your data and export it to .xlsx or .txt. Simple preview mode for each competitor. Advanced stopwatch, timekeeping and time measuring app, was developed for roller speed skating where you have to measure lap times of multiple competitors at once. It can be used for any other sport where more laps have to be measured for more competitors with same start time.
Big buttons make it easy to hit and identify. Lap times are instantly showed on screen, so you can see changes fast. When you are done, you decide, if you want to save your data and then view or export it for further analysis in external programs or just start a new measurement.

The stopwatch is providing simple export to .xlsx with lap times in seconds (easier to draw graphs in Excel or Calc alike programs), .xlsx with standard HH:mm:ss.mmm format, or even .txt format for other programs you might think of, that make life of a coach a lot easier.

Application can be developed for more competitors, but screen space is a problem with current design.

In case you have any suggestions/improvements/ideas I will be more than happy to add them in future updates.

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