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The Sira: The Prophet Muhammad

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Teach your children the story of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (s) in an interactive and engaging book. Suitable for everyone muslim and non-muslim kids.
Your kids will learn positive values like trustworthiness, honesty and many other such values. It is a perfect tool to encourage a discussion between parents and kids about Prophet Muhammad (s). This is a book that every parent should have for their children to learn the story of Prophet Muhammad (s).
The Sira consists of seven episodes full of dramatic and authentic events from the Prophet’s life (Sira). The first episode is for free and the rest will be available with in-App purchase.

The Sira is brought you in partnership with Awakening Worldwide. All content has been approved by Awqaf Abu Dhabi and National Media Council UAE.

Key Features:
- Stunning visuals and interactive elements
- Specially composed music (with the option of switching off)
- Every character has his/her own voice-over
- Innovative interface
- Authentic events from the Sira

Note: Prophet Muhammad (s), his wives, and the ten companions promised Paradise including Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali (ra) have not been illustrated.

Download the app now and enjoy the first episode for free, for a limited time.

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