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eCloud lets you keep all your photos, video, music and documents safe forever and available at all time, anywhere. eCloud works with your smartphone, tablet and PC/Mac and via the web.

Why use eCloud ?
Everyone of us has lost its data one day .
Whether it was by mistake , by accident, caused by virus, a hard-drive crash, a laptop left in a taxi, water spill, your computer or smart devices will eventually lose your priceless photos, music, documents and memories.
eCloud securely stores and protects all your files from all your devices and make them available to you.
Limited by your phone capacity ?
Have now all your music, documents, photos ,videos- well, everything - on your phone.
eCloud extends you phone capacity by streaming instantly your photo, music and video to your phone you don’t need to have stored locally.
eCloud also synchronized your important updated documents automatically among all your devices.
Keep your family and friends connected?
eCloud allows you to share your files via Facebook, Twitter, the web, SMS and email whatever the size…
You can even give controlled access to your cloud folder: allowing you for example to give easy and controlled access for your loved ones to your last vacation photo albums.
You can create community folder for everyone to contribute and share content.

Need a solution to search for content ?
eCloud has an easy unified search feature that allows you to search for your content (music, files, video, notes, appointments, movies, etc…) easily across all your cloud connected devices, your cloud storage and also your elifeTV content that you can add as reminder in your calendar.

Lost, broke or changed you phone?
eCloud can synchronize automatically your contacts, notes, calendar with your new phone.

Key features:
• Application in English and Arabic
• Centralized Easy Unified Search
• Effective Devices backup
• Virus Scan
• Music, Video Streaming and download anywhere, any time
• Remote Phone lock and Content deletion (loss or theft)
• Content Sharing via social network and email
• Search all devices, cloud storage and web at once
• Dedicated Family sharing
• Instant Chat
• Audio VoIP messages
• Publish cloud-stored file on Web
• Find Phone (Buzz function)
• Remote Printing
• Remote Disk Browsing
• PIM (personal information management); Contact/ notes/ calendar sync across all your devices
• Locate Device
• Remote Switch off PC

Download now the free eCloud service from Etisalat.

By downloading and activating eCloud you accept the eCloud terms and conditions:
eCloud is exclusive to Etisalat subscribers only

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