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"Smart Petitions" الطلبات الذكية is an interactive and integrated application presented by Dubai Courts offering a set of services which, collectively, are intended to automate and SMART-ENABLE the processes related to submittal, review, follow-up, inquiry, payment of fees, and decision taking for "Case Petitions" (طلبات القضايا) associated with CASES registered with Dubai Courts.

The application is a realization of collaborative efforts backed by a set of re-engineered and improved processes aimed to expedite and simplify litigation operations in an attempt to fulfill Dubai Courts' vision "Pioneering in Courts Work".

The application is designed to provide a full comprehensive platform which can be used by Dubai Courts clients (litigants, lawyer offices, Typing offices) as well as Dubai Courts officials (judges, auditors, secretaries, etc.) to manage and track all operations related to Case Petition Requests "Anytime, Anywhere".

The main features and services provided by the App include:

Services/features for External Clients:
• Submittal of case petition requests (with pre-defined templates based on petition type)
• Document attachments
• Electronic Payment of petition fees if applicable (Initial fees + any differences applied by Auditor)
• Modification of undecided petition requests (based on Auditor's feedback)
• Inquiry and Follow-up on submitted petitions
• Inquiry about case details and case petitions
• Receiving of event-triggered Mobile notifications via email, SMS, Push Notifications (ex. upon receiving request for info, request to pay fees,notice of approval or rejection, etc.)
• Viewing of electronically signed-by-the-judge petition decision

Services/features for Internal Auditors:
• Receiving of event-triggered notifications via email, SMS, Push Notification (ex. upon submittal of new petition requests, upon receiving response from client, etc.)
• Review of submitted petition requests and viewing of attachments
• Inquiry about case details and case petitions
• Requesting of additional info from the client (to request additional info or specific changes from the client)
• Review of petition fees
• Applying auditor defined fees based on petition type (whenever applicable: ex. fees difference, new fees, etc.)
• Forwarding of petition to the Judge for decision taking

Services/features for Judges:
• Receiving of event-triggered notifications via email, SMS, Push Notification (ex. upon receiving new petition requests for deciding, etc.)
• Review of petitions and viewing of attachments
• Inquiry about case details and petition fees
• Reassigning of petition request to another judge or court officer
• Direct (In-App) communication with client or petition requester (on a need-basis)
• Decision taking and electronic signing of petition decision
• Redirecting of petition request to secretary for follow-up and decision execution

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