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Sehhaty is a bilingual DHA patient mobile app which aims to provide health services for patients and their families through their smart devices.
It has been redesigned with a brand new interface that is fresh and scalable and focus on the users’ needs and utilize the latest technology in the market.

Sehhaty provides following features
1. View user’s profile, health card & primary healthcare center details.
2. Get Driving Directions to user’s primary healthcare center.
3. Link user’s family member health profile to access their details by switching accounts.
4. Access to Health History
5. New & Past Appointments details
6. Lab Results
7. Prescriptions
8. Admission Details
9. Manage child vaccination plan
10. Receive notifications for appointments, prescriptions and child vaccinations.
11. Search for Facilities and professionals
12. Add/Remove Items in the dash board
13. Pharmacy list
14. DHA hospitals
15. DHA Centers (Specialty Centers, Primary Health Centers, Medical Fitness Centers)
16. Visiting Doctors
17. Verify Facility
18. Verify Doctor
19. Wassel Sotak
20. Queuing System

· Health card number.
· Primary Health Center linked to your health card.
· Access to mobile phone registered with your health profile.

Ways to Login:
· You can login either using Health card number or through userid/password
· The user can also login to the application as Guest user
· With Login with Health card number option you need to enter valid health card number and Year of birth. SMS code will be received on registered mobile number.
· With Login with userid/password, you can use existing account details to access the app.

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